Visual Comparison: Killzone 2 Versus the Future writes: "I stated in my earlier review for Guerrilla Games' magnum opus and the reigning FPS visuals king, 'Killzone 2 is one of the most visually amazing titles ever, surpassing anything on the 360, equaling Crysis on the PC and definitely overwhelming any of the previous betas and builds seen till now.' Is it too early to assume that a challenger for its visuals is possible? We take a look at some of the most graphically impressive games to be released in the coming year and measure their quality against that of Killzone 2."

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BulletToothtony3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

the part that left me disappointed was how the characters still moved, they were moving like they were 20lbs heavy, not very realistic when compared to Killzone2, the facial expressions fall short as well.. when you see Rico talk i really feel someone is talking to me.. his gestures and the way that the AI moves seem extremely realistic.

RE5 is a lot like cod4.. they look great to the untrained eye, and it does the job to look pretty, but when you look up-close they look bad..
Opposed to k2 that when you look close you get even more impressed..

chaosatom3616d ago

It still feels like I am playing RE4.
The Environments are pretty bland too in RE5.

Killzone 2 and RE5 have no comparsion judging from the demo.

Nike3616d ago

You always got this feeling of slowness in RE4, but I didn't think it'd apply to RE5 as well. As such, the object of the game seems to be running away from your enemies until you have enough leeway to shoot them. Still survival-horror in a way, but to the average gamer, like in RE4, it's annoying. On another note, the animation can be pretty weird when Sheva is surrounded by many villagers. As if they're all waltzing with Bashir. :P

solideagle13616d ago

man just play the awesome job done by GG..they have done what haters were saying cant be done until six years. imagine killzone 2 and u will be happy as mermaid.

Ph1d0sX3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Why use old killzone 2 pre-alpha images. Wait one week when the game is released so the latest quality can be used to compare. Never the less all the game are looking great. Personally I prefer killzone 2.

FarEastOrient3616d ago

Everyone is talking about the graphics but don't forget that Capcom is still addicted to the big installs whereas Killzone 2 isn't getting the same treatment.

Devil May Cry 4 -- 4.9gb
Lost Planet -- 4.9gb
Resident Evil 5 -- 5gb

Killzone 2 -- 250mb (MP and Save Files only)
Uncharted -- 2.56mb (Only Save Files)

It is how you code that makes the difference.

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Nike3616d ago

It's quite interesting what they did in the beginning of the PS2's life-cycle. They bought all these studios and financed all these new franchises but games like Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank pretty much bombed when they first came out. However, Sony just didn't ditch the titles outright - they continued supporting them, improving them. At times when Nintendo was accused of milking it's franchises, Sony came out with more innovations and genre-busting mechanics.

It's exactly what they've done with the PS3. They ignored calls to just abandon it and begin again from the beginning, continuing to support it until it could come to this time when so many great games would become available.

fallingdove3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

I can always expect something refreshing from Sony. Sure they might not have blockbuster sales with some of their games, but with their releases I feel I am not retreading the same ground with the same genres and the same sequels. Sony has taken chances in allowing studios to excercise their creative muscle and for better or for worse I love it.

While I am waiting for the next Gears, I will be treated to Infamous, Heavy Rain, and Mag. While I know nothing about these games, its refreshing to stumble upon a gem of an original IP while waiting for tred and true franchises.

Nike3616d ago

MAG (Massive Action Game) interests me the most at this point. Just the fact that it's an MMO shooter supporting upto 256 players (I think that's even more than Killzone 2 O_O) is interesting and I'd love to see how Sony could craft such an immense virtual battlefield playing out with hundreds of different combatants, events, missions, etc.

Oh, and not to forget it's from the guys who made the SOCOM series. ;)

Axe993616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Bloody oath, in my opinion all the talk of the Wii's innovation (which isn't that far removed in many cases from the Eyetoy's innovation) is a bit of a stretch. While all three do a fair bit of copying, Sony is by far and away responsible for more new IPs and more new adventurous IPs. Eyetoy, EyePet, Eye of Judgement, Folklore, even uncharted are all games that I couldn't see the other two taking a risk on. And then there's the second-party Flower, Pixeljunk series, Everyday shooter and so on.

EDIT! I forgot little gems like LBP, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Am more than a little embarrassed!

lokiroo4203616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

The only contenders are Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, and GOW3, drooling right now over the death of Zeus.

Nike3616d ago

This moron forgot Uncharted 2!!!! >:[


Xi3616d ago

you forgot alan wake.

lokiroo4203616d ago

We can wait for an Alan Wake decision when its finally seen, even maybe a small glimpse, not the talk about it.

beavis4play3616d ago

thanks, i needed a good laugh today.

Kleptic3616d ago

the single 'new' trailer of Alan Wake has nothing to compare with any of these games...simply not enough has been shows some great environmental tech demo stuff...with a real time of day sequence in quick time...but that is it...Alan Wake himself looks like a max payne 2 character...animation of him and the npc's still looks like mp 2 also...the guy in the bar hunched over swinging his arms around looks EXACTLY like a character model from mp 2...

not saying that is how the final game will be...i'm just saying there has not been enough shown yet...

but yeah...Uncharted 2 could have competed well on a screen shot comparison...the teaser trailer was ok, but also didn't really show much other than some impressive mountains and weather effects...

what I liked was that this article had a very objective analysis of the tech behind each mentioned game...he talks about the blending of lighting, and how well each game handles...most of which a lot of fanboys don't even understand...UE3 falls flat in this regard...the transition from out door to indoor lighting effects is always harsh...cartoony indoor sections compared to fairly realistic outdoor sections, if you can take a huge amount of background guess is that this is why no UE3 titles where even mentioned...

killzone 2 easily stands at the top imo currently...that may change when more up to date stuff is shown for HR and GoW III...but currently, they are still several steps behind imo...RE5 falls far short imo...a fantastic character model and overall great texture work, blended with spastic lighting (the same indoor/outdoor transitional problem UE3 has) and horrendous animation...does not a killzone 2 topper make...

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chidori6663616d ago

boths are great games and exclusives of sony...

Nike3616d ago

All the games on this list are for the PS3, except for RE5. It's like the 360 has finally thrown in the towel. :P


its getting wayyyyyyyyyyyy to exciting to be a ps3 fan, damn all those games, i almost fainted thinking, oh sh!t KILLZONE 2 Comes out in 5 to seven days, why cant it be next friday yet for me and everyone else! keep on gaming

Kleptic3616d ago

well one thing is probably not debatable...the game that finally does top killzone 2 is going to have a little gold diamond at the bottom right corner of the game box...

rucky3616d ago

Graphically it can only go up for PS3 exclusives.

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