Exclusive: The Making of Killzone 2 - Part 1

Nextgamer Writes: "We has just received a mail from Sony. In this mail we received a video of The Making of Killzone 2. Figure it out on part 1, how Killzone 2 is made with commentary of the developers behind Killzone 2."

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Time_Is_On_My_Side3579d ago

They got a nice exclusive video with a creative director for camera angles.

olivia3579d ago


Ghoul3579d ago

Everyone from germany visit KARSTADT. they are selling it

I have the game here playing it its INCREDIBLE.

Overr8ed3579d ago

That video was so Dramatic. = / its sad that I cant get this game day one since I am poor and I gotta pay other fees

redsquad3579d ago

VERY cool video, very well directed.
I hope little things like this, along with trailers and such, are included as unlockable content on the Blu-Ray disc.