GamingShogun Reviews Halo Wars

GamingShogun writes, "This brings me to the game's CGI cutscenes. They are simply breathtaking. These cutscenes are so good at telling the game's story in between most missions that if a Halo movie could not be made in 'real life' a CGI version from Blur Studios would suffice just as well, if not more so, given the capabilities of what is physically possible on regular film. Halo Wars' voice actors all do great jobs in bringing their characters to life and never seem wooden or half-hearted. Believable acting is key in these kinds of story-driven cutscenes and a failure here in casting could have ruined the fourth wall entirely..."

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ThePoorman3524d ago

I have to agree that the cutscenes are just awesome. Blue SHOULD make a movie in the Halo universe.