Diablo III Rainbow Unicorn T-shirt

Remember the color controversy? Its most enduring legacy, besides possibly spawning the concept of the D3 secret non-cow level, may turn out to be the "rainbows and unicorns" t-shirts the D3 Team wore at Blizzcon 2008. Those shirts were made custom for Blizzard, and have never (and will never) be offered for sale to the public.

These, however, are!

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kuangtu3531d ago pretty.....=_=

Fyzzu3531d ago

I have no idea if anyone else does, but I want one. That's a brilliant idea.

syrinx3531d ago

Lol, hilarious. Can't believe these are being made.

Elly3531d ago

I've ordered 2 with the money off coupon it's a reasonable price even if I do get stung for international postage ontop.

Leord3531d ago

Yeah, well, I was thinking of just using the original graphics I posted in the other link below, and then make a custom print at some textile print shop =)

Cogo3531d ago

How would you do that? I have no clue where to get a textile print shop o.O Wouldn't it be even more expensive?

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The story is too old to be commented.