GameZone: Halo Wars Review

While PC gamers and hardcore RTS enthusiasts probably won't be able to see what all of the fuss around Halo Wars is about since their platform has put out much more groundbreaking RTS titles in the past few years, console gamers and Halo fans who have yet to experience a truly great RTS game on a console will now have their chance.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 8
Sound 9.5
Difficulty Medium
Concept 8.5
Multiplayer 9
Overall 9.0

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table3531d ago

if i had a 360 i would defo be getting this game. roll on killzone2 :)

DragonWarrior465343531d ago

If this game is a 9/10 then Empire Total War is a 19/10. I dont know how on Earth reviewers would give a mediocre game like halo wars such a high score when you have games like Empire that truly deserve the praise more. BTW,, you can play empires right now. The demo is on steam. Ive played it, and it exceeded my expectations. Empires makes halo wars look like a newborn that has down syndrome.

TheColbertinator3531d ago

@Dragon Warrior

Well you can't expect too much.PC RTS games are held way above console RTS games in terms of quality.Dawn of War II,Empire and of course Starcraft 2 will always crush any console RTS though.

DragonWarrior465343531d ago

Say that to Storm Rise when it comes out,, buddy.

DragonWarrior465343531d ago

LOL @ halo wars. You Halo fans would buy a turd if it had a halo logo on it. Going by what Ive played of this demo there really isn't much difference between a turd and it.

MerkinMax3531d ago

Do you find it productive wasting your time spreading your fud in these Halo Wars articles?

DelbertGrady3531d ago

And if you stood next to a turd not many would spot the difference either.

Sircolby453531d ago

"And if you stood next to a turd not many would spot the difference either."

Ah burn...Bubbles to you sir! Gave me my laugh for the day lol.

tatotiburon3531d ago

halo wars is trully amazing, great score...and now i look at gamespot and i don't know what to say

deividpaulo3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

man..this game is TERRIBLE....who made this "rewiew"?...Bill Gates??

Microsoft must to learn with SONY how to do great Games like Killzone 2, Uncharted, Little big Planet...not just TO BUY the games...FACT

be happy with square-enix....auehaeuheueha

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