CVG: Halo Wars Review

CVG writes: "RTS games don't work on consoles. But you knew that. Ports of StarCraft, Supreme Commander and C&C have all suffered without the mouse and keyboard interface. Recent console ports (Battle for Middle-Earth II springs to mind) recently made strides, but (voice control aside?) the genre's yet to see a game that nails it. Perhaps until now...

The Halo universe was designed for real-time strategy - literally. Almost ten years ago when Bungie set out to make a Mac strategy game, we doubt they would've imagined their sci-fi series would go full circle to first-person shooter and back again. But here we are.

Thanks to the three solid FPS games under Chief's belt, we've grown a great deal of affection for the characters and critters of Halo. The waddling Covenant Grunts and the electric bark of a Warthog's cannon hold more charm for us than Bruce Forsyth and Well-Hard (RIP) from Eastenders combined. And this makes Halo Wars the perfect platform to attempt a console RTS jump..."

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