Killzone 2 Steelbook Edition arrives; here's a hundred of them together held a preorder for the Killzone 2 Steelbook Edition, and here they are - 100 of them. GI is also giving away a Killzone 2 artbook with each copy, courtesy Sony Computer Entertainment India.

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Alcon3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I'm gonna get the steelbox edition in a few days (special deal for the first 500 preorders at my store). 5 more days to wait, or maybe less, they'll send an sms if they get it earlier...(crossing fingers)

PS: I really want that artbook as well..

eagle213530d ago

Seriously looks awesome! :)

Bathyj3530d ago

You can get one 5 minutes from my house. At least thats what I'm doing.

Lifendz3530d ago

If not I guess I won't get one. It'd be sweet though.

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Wolfgare3530d ago

Dang! Looks so much nicer than I thought it would. Especially with the cover slip off.

NobleRed3530d ago

Only an artbook? I thought about a making of or the soundtrack of the game.

buckethead_9113530d ago

1 of them is mine :D :D


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The story is too old to be commented.