Gamespot: Race Pro Review

RacePro isn't afraid to let you know that it's a racing simulator. When you first jump into the Career mode, the difficulty level defaults to Professional, turning off all steering assists and racing lines in the process. But despite its penchant for realism, RacePro is also very accessible. The lower difficulty levels make it easy to pick up and play, and the career structure lets you buy your way into successful teams if you don't have the skill or the inclination to qualify for them. Sadly, the emphasis on realism has been at the expense of presentation, and the sparse menu systems and bland graphics fall well below the genre's high standards. If you can put up with the loss of such luxuries, then the superb selection of tracks, cars, and racing disciplines help make up for it. RacePro ultimately has more to offer the hardcore racing fan than the Sunday driver, but it's still a good console version of a great PC series.

The Good:
* Huge array of racing classes
* Good mix of tracks
* Excellent physics and handling
* Incredible number of tweakable options.

The Bad:
* Lack of extras
* Lousy presentation
* Only 13 tracks
* Quality of visuals is inconsistent.

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Decent score.

The closest the 360 will ever get to GT5 :P

Daz3579d ago

There more then 1 graet racing game out there.


This doesn't qualify as "great"

creeping judas3579d ago

Have you played the game, to come up with that stance??

As a budget game $39.99, it's a damn great game. It ranks up there with TOCA series. And no it's not as good as Forza or even close to being as good looking as GT5P is. But it's a great game, I can say it as I have played it.