Saling The World: Street Fighter IV Tops U.S. and UK Multiplatform Sales

Gamasutra's weekly column, "Saling The World", covers the top five sellers for every available platform in the United States, Japan, and Europe, providing an important update of sales patterns worldwide.

This week's charts, with data taken from February 19th, 2009, find Street Fighter IV outselling all competition on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America and the UK, while Star Ocean: The Last Hope and Demon's Souls lead in Japan.

Data for "Saling The World" comes courtesy of the public sales information on,, and, with sales split out for each platform and territory, and pre-orders disregarded. This results in a true sense of what games are selling worldwide on the real-time updated service, as follows:

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shine13963554d ago

let the sales age wars commence?

Gun_Senshi3554d ago

Hmm new update 1.01. Maybe they fixed Jumping bean (El Fer something) bug of infinite looping.

Yesterday there was no update. I put in today and there is update

Keowrath3554d ago

I installed the update, when I logged into SF4 I got a message saying I have Dan's T-shirt in HOME. I hear there's an Akuma shirt too or something. I think it's obtained from online battles.

And Gratz SF4, you deserve it!

joemayo763554d ago

did anyone really expect this game not to sell well its freakin STREET FIGHTER!!!!
anyways congrats to capcom for making one kickass fighter :)

offtopic: what really surprised me is persona 4 ranked number 2 in ps2 sales w00t!!!! :)

Voiceofreason3554d ago

So now Amazon sales = the entire world? Man the stench of desperation is thick in here. Story is false and should be reported as such. Amazon sales do not reflect real world sales. If it did we wouldnt need NPD or Vgchartz sites, we could just look at Amazon numbers.

Nineball21123554d ago

Can you not read? The TITLE says it's for U.S. and U.K. Multiplatform sales.

This is a weekly "column" in Gamasutra. As far as I know, they are a reputable site.

Do you own stock in a competing game or something? How can anyone be upset about this news?

The game is the top seller for BOTH platforms. What is this "desperation" comment about?

salgoods3554d ago

good sales for this great game. brings back many memories when this growing up. after getting my a$$ handed to me online, i am now a certified beast at it. i welcome all challengers

PSN: salgoods

mgirl3554d ago

It was bound to top this week's charts, suyrely?

Sitdown3553d ago

do? On Wednesday when I loaded the game it took me to the update.