Some bad things about the iPhone

Back in July, 2008 when the iPhone 3G was launched, Steve Jobs said that "software" is what makes the iPhone stand out from other smartphones. No one has any issue with this statement. However, it doesn't mean that the iPhone is a real "Jesus" phone as some bloggers prefer to call with no issues. The dos and don'ts in place while using the iPhone has made many iPhone lovers sick and tired. The latest move from Apple to make jailbreaking the device as illegal has invoked anger not only with users but with other competitors too. The battle would go on.

That aside, there are some bad things about the device, or better say something related to the device. Durability is the main issue throughout. Here we go:

1. The dock cable does not last as long as other mobile cables. The white cable as you must have observed is really soft. The bottom line is, it is moulded from the cheapest rubber product in China. If you are a frequent traveler and always carry around your charger and the cable be sure the connector is going to last not longer than six months. It also gets dirty very fast, being white. You need to wash it sometimes, strange! Look at the image.

2. The headset is made from the same rubber quality as the dock connector. The rim that keeps the earpiece intact is very easy to snap. Once the rim is gone, the inner steel plate and the magnet would pop out every time you plug in the headset. The covering also is very vulnerable to wear and tear. You also need to wash the headset once in a while to keep it white and to maintain the Apple look.

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PS360WII3531d ago

Wow I don't know what else to say other than those complaints are as bad as people blaming the Wii when they broke their TV's. Just don't be a simple minded with your electronics and you'll be okay.

jimmycharter3531d ago

apple should have changed its iphone vendor. applications are outstanding but the hardware and body are drawbacks

iiraymoii3531d ago

Im not clicking this site to give it a hit but, Complaining about headphones and charging cords..well you are just setting yourself up for that one.

pacowles3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

The durability factor is one of the reasons I wouldn't want to rely on an iPhone as my cell. That said, if you are are prone to dropping your phone or other mobile devices, you should probably avoid a device that is basically a huge piece of glass that contains expensive electronics. The quality of the provided accessories really can't be held against the device itself; if you don't like them, buy third party replacements that better suit your needs. Also, why are random blog posts that nitpick about the iPhone being approved on N4G? I didn't catch any mention of games in that article.

SpoonyRedMage3530d ago

From experience and what my friends have told me ipods are notoriously fragile, people are looky to have a perfect screen after 6 months unless they pay more for a cover and my ipod(classic no less, really expensive) got dinted by my keys! keys! how is that possible?

That's why I'm using my DS as my mp3 player currently and am upgrading to the DSi.