EA and DICE on new IP risk

Gamezine: Releasing a new intellectual property comes with a significant amount of risk management. After Mirror's Edge didn't get the reception DICE might have hoped for, the developer and their publisher EA discuss whether it's worth taking the risk again.

Lars Gustavsson, DICE's creative director, spoke of balancing execution and innovation at the 2009 DICE summit.

Perfectly executing previous concepts can result in excellent games and excellent sales; just look at the Call of Duty series. But there also needs to be innovation for the games industry to stay fresh.

DICE's latest video game, Mirror's Edge, took a huge risk by introducing the platforming genre to the first-person view in addition to presenting a fresh art direction. Gustavsson personally thinks that the game's innovation won out over risk management, but he does admit that in this economic climate the developer's priorities might need to change.

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Alcon3528d ago

There is always a risk with new IP. But lets say that from the 3 new IPs only one proves to be really popular.That might sound bad but in reality its a good thing because they know they'll be able make more games from the same IP, with sequels (a trilogy, or prequels), knowing that those will sell very well as well.

Cwalat3528d ago

I don't understand why media makes such a big deal out of this.
Every game developed gains a risk of total flop in sales.

Mirror's Edge was a beautiful and innovative game... But the appeal wasn't broad enough, Gamers are too standard.

Though it was innovative, it was rather short and repetetive... and without any multiplayer component this is just not something that the average/hardcore gamers want.

BUT, IF... They'd released it only as a downloadable game. Gamers would freak out calling it the best downloadable game ever released.

THAT would've saved Mirror's Edge i think.

techie3528d ago

The media? This is DICE and EA talking on the matter itself.

Alcohog3528d ago

Mirror's Edge was one of my favorite games of '08. Its a shame it doesn't get the love it deserves. The time trial mode alone was many little ways to increase your speed. It really was a game of finesse for the hardcore only when you break it down.