Exclusive Killzone Video Coming At 5pm

ThreeSpeech: "Watch this space everyone, we've got some exclusive Killzone 2 video content coming at 5pm today. You'll see it here before you see it anywhere else, so make sure you're refreshing at 5pm. Pretty cool, right? But that's not all, we'll have episode two of the exclusive video on Monday at 5pm.

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itchy183579d ago

i hope it's not a spoiler.

GameGambits3579d ago

As long as its spoiler free of the story I'll be all over it. Really should list what time zone in the quick sum up though. :P

Helghast Slayer3579d ago

"What’s it gonna be folks? Speculation and guesses in the thread please…"

What a c0ck tease. Man i hate when sites do this just to rape in hits. I'm quite fed up with the many sites that use and abuse killzone2 in order to make themselves look good.

If you have the video, why not release it now? F#ck you threepoofs.

nix3579d ago

suspense getting to u? yeah, it sucks. just bring it out already. just like KZ2 trailer.

mastiffchild3579d ago

I can't see what they can have tht's that exciting to be honest. With the game coming next week I'm not really up for more gameplay stuff cos of spoiler risk and I can't see it being a vid with interviews stating what the DLC will be, can anyone?

jay23579d ago

I guess it's a case of nothing new here (Especually if you have the game).

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