MadCatz SFIV SE FightStick Defects & Horror Stories Writes:

"The internet has been abuzz with stories of broken Street Figher IV standard edition (SE) FightSticks.

Released officially on February 17th in limited quantity, gamers counted themselves lucky to even score a stick. Those that did, brought their happy find back home, only to discover hours into playing their stick exhibited odd behavior, to the point of not being playable. Users reported that the controller stopped registering directional inputs or button presses, made grinding noises, or even had a "stuck" joystick. The problem was attributed to a loose metal washer scraping the printed circuit board (PCB). "

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clinker3525d ago

Ouch! The MadCatz PR department has been telling everybody that their products are good now and we should trust them. But it sounds like they are being too optimistic if the defects prove to be widespread.

The article also says that some of the tournament edition sticks have bad scratches on the front of them.

swingingape3521d ago

This is what you call a PR nightmare. Some people are even reporting the buttons on the TE not working. Mad Catz RIP.