The Shaming Of Ken Kutaragi

It's the law of the jungle that publications must create lists, and today's list comes to us from Business 2.0. The magazine has crafted a list of fifty people who "matter" in the world of technology business as well as ten people who do not. Landing square on the "does not matter" list is Sony's own Ken Kutaragi. Sony's made some missteps lately, but to count him (and by extension the PlayStation 3, which this piece seems to do) out is a mistake.

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OutLaw6186d ago

I find it hilarious how Ken Kutaragi is on the top ten that don't matter list. Sony fans are going to be mad about this one.

When you press the link you could also press the other links that gives the list.

USMChardcharger6186d ago

if you read the "fifty people who DO matter" list...bill gates made #21 spot.

Lucidmantra6186d ago

He is an arrogant self-advertiser. And the main reason I don't like the way Sony is doing business with the PS3. I have no problems with the console but i don't like this guy.

kingboy6186d ago

look at those two sexy machines aahhh i own both

Optimus Prime6186d ago

getting rid of my psp this weekend. doesnt do much for me ne more. i am going to buy a 60 gig ipod video

BOSS6186d ago (Edited 6186d ago )

Ahhhh you mean three sexy machines right????

TheMART6186d ago

I have another one for this list