OXM Blog: Far From Ultimate

Gillen McAllister writes: "For gamers over a certain age, the release of the Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection heralds nostalgic remembrances and no small amount of argument when they release that a) game A isn't the brilliant piece of software they once remembered it to be and b) bitch about why games B through to Z didn't make the cut.

Given the subject isn't likely to raise its head until the next Sega Collection on the Xbox 720 years from now, I'm going to wade in with my two cents about b).


Being renamed to the later title in the UK because of the connection with all things occult didn't stop this pinball game being heralded as one of the best of all time. Second in a trilogy of pinball 'Crush' games, Devil's Crush was a three-tiered pinball table with pentagrams, skeletons and H.R Giger-themeed backgrounds and some awesome bonus stages that involved battering the ball against a huge demon's tongue.

Fact: I have a mint condition copy of the Megadrive port in my house, picked up at Gamestation last year for £1.99..."

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