Edge Review: Deadly Creatures

In a genre more accustomed to caricature, on a console that has a reputation for catering to more frivolous, casual tastes, Deadly Creatures is boldly anomalous.

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Imallvol73532d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Finally, a review from them I agree with. I am glad they aren't giving this game a free pass like other websites. Don't compare it to other Wii games, compare it to games from this generation!

Voiceofreason3531d ago

Games are always compared to the other games on the console not the other games on other systems. If what you wantted happend PS2 wouldnt have had a single good scoring game last gen. What I get from your post is that you see a Wii game getting good reviews (8-9 so far from most) but they cannot be true because you just cannot accept a Wii game getting a good score( Which I wonder how you feel about SMG and World of Goo outscoring all games on PS3 and 360 this gen.) . So you wait until you find the worst one and hope and pray it is right. Kinda pathetic.

After the past few weeks anyone who gives credit to edge has none of their own.

kwyjibo3531d ago

If you're a multiformat publication/website, you do not just compare games to others that have come out on that format.

World of Goo got great reviews, because it's a great game, regardless of format. Even the guys who reviewed it on PC loved it.

Reviewers are right to compare games across platforms, the comparison between Gears/Halo/Killzone have been rightly made. If you were just comparing games to others out for the same system, then the metacritic score curve would be the same for every system, which it isn't and should never be.

Voiceofreason3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

See you try to spin things to make it look like you are right but that is not the case. Sure people can compare Halo( A FPS) to Killzone2(another FPS) if they feel it has merit(which it doesnt, thats why most reliable sites have ever done it. Sure some do this gen but that doesnt make it the norm.) but there is nothing like Dead Creatures on any other console. What you are asking for is for them to rate a game like LBP based on what games are offered on 360, and that is complete BS.

Consoles have always been judged by what they offer. Again I'll say it so you can again ignore it so you feel right but the PS2 was not hurt by the fact that GC and xbox had more power, Not a single review held the game score back based on that fact. Why change that now just because it isnt a Sony product that is the weakest?

Your whole argument sounds like a fanboy rant similar to the ones like "We need to stop counting sales as the console winner because Sony isnt winning in sales so lets only count it in a way where Sony wins." Sorry but PS2 wasnt compared to more powerful consoles last gen,I see no reason to change that now based simply off of someones personal preferenc in gaming company.

Just because someone else is doing it is not a valid enough reason. Sure some idiotic sites do it wrongly feeling like they have a point. Doesnt mean they do or that the industry should change after 30 years to reflect the attitudes of the less informed or fanobys.

"If you were just comparing games to others out for the same system, then the metacritic score curve would be the same for every system, which it isn't and should never be."
That is all the proof I need to know you have no clue what you are talking about. That doesnt even make sense because that is exactly how it works. When IGN gives a graphics score they do it based on other games on the console. It is a FACT not an opinion. How else did SMG become one of the highest rated games this gen if Wii games are reviewed based on PS3 specs? n. How is world of Goo so highly rated when compared to MGS4 or Crysis? How can you call yourself a gamer and be so clueless to the scoring system in reviews and how it has worked for 30 years?

enviable273531d ago

I havent played the game yet, but judging from more reliable sources this is a good game.. Makes you wonder if these Qu33rs actually like playing games.

NaiNaiNai3531d ago

no they don't, this game is actually one of the first on the wii that i realy been interested in, seems like it might be worth it for a change.

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Shoko3531d ago

Edge is known to give great game slow scores. They freakin gave Killzone 2 a /10 and MGS4 an 8. Those are both BS scores. Edge doesn't like good games.