David Cage: Actors don't care about games

NowGamer: David Cage, director of the upcoming Heavy Rain, has hit out against mainstream actors in video games, saying they often have "little consideration" for the games they appear in.

"Actors (and their agents) often have so little consideration for games that the only discussion you can have is how much money for how much time..."

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fishd3527d ago

Well,fukc them all then XD

PS3isBUST3526d ago

The world is full of assholes. In general big name actors won't give a sh*t about video games, but that's not true about everyone either.

I'm sure that one kid who did Sora in Kingdom Hearts, or Samuel L Jackson in San Andreas both did a very professional job.

Anyway, personally I think big name actors in video games is lame. I was actually getting pissed off for a while, because it seemed like it was becoming a trend for famous people to do voice work for my favorite games.

Bathyj3527d ago

Maybe a new Oscar for Best performance in a Computer Game would make them take it more seriously.

Why not?

CoxMulder3526d ago

Seeing how animated movies have been winning prestigious awards the last few years (Shrek for example), I could actually see this happening..

CrayzeeCarl3526d ago

Seriously, you should suggest that to someone who can make it happen. Not that I really care much about movie awards...

Droid Control3527d ago

Games with what little stories they have are for the most part terribly childish and predictable. I've seen kids cartoons with better plots and characters...

If only more companies were making games like Heavy Rain and Alan Wake, and less gears of war/killzone... then maybe the industry would GROW UP.

cmrbe3527d ago

I like him though.We need more people like him in this industry.

Interesting interview.

Bathyj3527d ago

I think hes got a good point.

I'm all for using unknown talent, as long as they're good.

I could imagine too alot of these actors not being that into in. It would be easy money, probably no real prep work, just turn up and read.

Then again, I think everyone should just hire Andy Serkis.

cmrbe3526d ago

I was reffering to his interview. He wrote like 5000! pages of dialog. He is a workaholic and is completely hell bent on doing something totally new with interactive gaming as he put it.

mgirl3526d ago

I heard about the sh*t David Cage did to try and get Leo DiCaprio in Farenheit (Indigo Prophecy). If that's where he started, I'm not surprised he's not having much luck..

LeonSKennedy4Life3526d ago

The man can act though. Despite his drab Titanic performance (still a great movie), he's always been a good actor. Look at What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Romeo & Juliet...or look at his new stuff: The Aviator, Catch Me If You Can, and The Blood Diamond.

His voice annoys me now, but he's still a great actor.

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