Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising - New screenshots

Codemasters published some new screenshots from Operation Flashpoint 2. Check them out.

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Fishy Fingers3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

WOW! Actually a few gameplay screens!

Doesn't look as good as the renders would have you believe but still really nice.

Helghast Slayer3531d ago

I can't believe this was the game Why dis was boasting as the killzone2 killer. Looks like those pre-rendered early pics fooled the crap out of him lol.

Anyway i hope this turns good. people say the first one was a blast.

JeffGUNZ3531d ago

I have yet to hear anyone suggest this game to be a "Killzone 2" killer. Come on, if were go by score, then GTA is better then KZ2? What makes it better? I mean the metracritic score is a good indicator. So, what makes KZ2 better then MGS4 and GTA IV. Please, don't give me that graphics nonsense. I just don't understand this "going to be a game killer". KZ2 is your run-of-the mill FPS run and gun. That doesn't make it a bad thing. COD4 was one of my all time favorite games and it's run and gun. My point is Flashpoint 2 is a REAL HARDCORED WAR SIM. I mean, run and gun will get you killed. You need team work and you need to play it like real war. It's like flight simulator, but with war. This is a complete opposite kind of game, you can't even begin to compare them.

outlawlife3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

the game looks better than those screens, there are gameplay demos on youtube...those screens are way dark for some reason

not a bad looking game by any means even from those shots though

arakouftaian3531d ago

i wnat to see how this game look on my ps3 and not in a $2000 PC ,i know this game will not look great on the ps3 only good. KILLZONE is out in few days people get ready

outlawlife3531d ago

you must stop bringing up killzone in every comment, have a rational conversation for once

you sound like a poorly translated advertisement

DelbertGrady3531d ago

The gameplay of this game and Killzone 2 will probably be very different.

arakouftaian3531d ago

look descent know we need to see game play and the multiplayer i hope is good but i dont think others games are as good as killzone2 in every way only few days people and we will enjoy a masterpice KILLZONE2

outlawlife3531d ago

seriously why bring up killzone 2 in every single article?

its slightly annoying, this game has nothing at all to do with KZ2 aside from the first person perspective

outlawlife3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

everybody knows killzone is coming out, you don't need to tell everybody killzone has only been hyped for the last several years

OFP doesn't come out until july, that is why this information is interesting, the first game had a huge following and people really want this game and not much is known about it

people care about other games besides killzone 2, and people like to read about those games without idiots bringing up killzone every 2 seconds when it is completely unrelated

grow up a little, please
life doesn't revolve around the game system that you own, some people just like having reasonable discussions about the topic at hand

people who act and think like you are an embarrassment to the gaming community, those of us who enjoy mature and interesting discussions

JeffGUNZ3531d ago

It's taken 3 years for the PS3 to get something to be excitied for. Let these fanboys drool over KZ2, till they play it and it slowly hits them that its a mediocre game with beautiful graphics. Graphics alone do not make games great. It's like a homeless man in an armoni suit. Yeah, sure, he looks good, but without the suit, he isn't anything special.

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The story is too old to be commented.