Video Games And Their Impact On Dreams

L.B Jeffries Writes:

"A professor of psychology at Grant MacEwan College, Jayne Gackenbach, has conducted several studies on the relationship that gamers have with their dreams. The basic observation is that gaming has a traceable impact on the unconscious and this can often be seen in the dreams of various gamers "

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ThatCanadianGuy3528d ago

This is actually a very fascinating study.I noticed sometimes that if i go on a gaming "binge" so to speak i have very bizzare dreams.

But it's odd because it's not a typical dream considering i have a slight control of what i want to happen and choose the scenario within the dream.

Games to have a very serious impact on dreams & hope more researchers get more involved in this.I'm curious to see what their results could be.

Hell,in 15-20 years we might not even need a controller.Just a cap to wear as we sleep.