Videogamer: Dawn of War 2 Review

Videogamer writes: "Relic's follow-up to its superb Warhammer 40k real-time strategy game is a curious beast. On the one hand it's hardly an RTS at all. Base building has been completely eradicated and the unit cap has been culled. Now, constructing a monster of a base and surrounding it with turrets is a pleasure consigned to the past, and crushing your opponent with an army full of Dreadnoughts and tanks is a distant memory. Dawn of War II provides an experience more akin to Diablo, with an emphasis on micro-managing a small number of hero units, each one with its own unique set of Wargear and levelled up skills. On the other hand, though, Dawn of War II is very much an RTS, since, by definition, you need to think about what you're doing in a strategic kind of way, and the action plays out in real time."

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