AutoGaming: Race Pro Review

AutoGaming writes : "The day has finally come, Race Pro has released in North America and around the world which means Autogaming got their hands on a brand-spanking-new copy of SimBin's latest racing simulation, developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 and gave it a go."

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WIIIS13617d ago

Great review from a site dedicated to racing games.

N4Garbage3617d ago

Good review.

Told my dad about this game and he wants to pick it up now.

Speed-Racer3617d ago

Ya this review has been a very in depth one compared to most of the others...and with a good says a lot about Race Pro

SalvatoreLeone3617d ago

I really liked this man, I would totally by the game after this review :D

bradleyw3617d ago

Nice review...on par with my opinions

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