Mirror's Edge and Mercenaries 2 are selling bad in Japan

The games Mirror's Edge and Mercenaries 2 are not popular in Japan. Prices go down to 1,980 yen, $21.

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cayal3579d ago

Wish I could get Mercenaries 2 for $20

zeph943579d ago

Why? It sucks....just warning you.

gta28003579d ago

It doesn't suck. It's a pretty decent game. It's not better than the first but it's still pretty decent nonetheless.

zeph943579d ago

I know but I bought it DAY 1 for $60 and I was PISSED it wasnt half the game the first was I wish I bought uncharted or somethin

bloop3579d ago

I agree Zeph. I thought the first Mercenaries was up there with the best of the last gen, but the second was a serious let down. Got boring after a few missions, never went back, traded it in.

gta28003579d ago

I know what you mean Zeph. The first Mercenaries is still one of my top 3 favorites from last gen and I too was really disappointed in Mercenaries 2. I tried to make the best of it though so I enjoyed the game.

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outlawlife3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

2 reasons
A) these aren't popular japanese style games
B) neither one of these games were great to begin with

DelbertGrady3579d ago

Captain obvious wrote the article.

Dogswithguns3579d ago

Mirror's Edge isn't that bad. a slightly better than Mercenaries.

Simon_Brezhnev3579d ago

and i believe the japanese hate how the main character in Mirrors Edge look

green-cigarettes 3579d ago

mirrors edge is waaAAaay better than merc2, i know because i have them both and i only regret buying mercs2 cuz mirrors edge, at least for me, is one of the best games i played last year

likeaboss3023579d ago

Agreed, I actually finished Mirror's Edge and Mercs 2 went back to Gamefly after a few days unbeaten.

thehitman3579d ago

Have an audience to sell the games to first... No shyt they aint selling well. ITS JAPAN.