Strategy Informer Dawn of War II Review

From Strategy Informer: "Much has changed since the days of just sending waves upon waves of squads to their noble deaths in the vain hope they'll break the defensive lines of your enemies base. Relic take a page from one of their other hot RTS creations – Company of Heroes – with Dawn of War II playing huge emphasis on the squads themselves, with each feeling critical to success. To this end maps are littered with cover spots everywhere bringing the intensity of battles to new highs as you literally throw everything you have to gun, grenade and charge your way through. To help keep the relentless tug of war going on the fields of battle, units are better equipped with talents and abilities which don't feel over bearing or cheaply tacked on; in a tight spot they can turn the tide quickly."

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JamieReleases3529d ago

I'll finally get to play this tonight, can't wait. Seems to be getting good scores, and sounds like it could be even better than the first one.