Your Thoughts: PSN Store

"With video content both rental and purchase as well as VidZone dropping this year for the EU, the Playstation Network Store really is going to become a one stop place for all of your media needs. The unique benefits of the store; being no real filesize caps and quick approval process means we have really seen some of the most freshest and exciting new ideas in gaming and digital media arrive on the store [...]'

The questions I pose and would love to hear your thoughts on are:

1) Do you like where the store is heading and the unique titles we are receiving?
2) Would you prefer more traditonal games on the store?

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Lastlivingsoul3530d ago

I love the unique and strange content found there...PSN titles like PixelJunk Monsters and Eden, Echochrome, NobyNoby Boy, Last Man Standing, Super Stardust HD, Fat Princess, PAIN, Flow/Flower, Everyday Shooter and WipeoutHD are essential to the Ps3 experience to me. I'm glad that playstation is always trying to push boundaries with most of their exclusives; it's what makes them more enticing to me the XBox. I'm not saying that XBox Live doesn't have some great downloadable's just Playstation seems so much more innovative where it count most-games. Even when they go with something unoriginal they just do it better (i.e. - Killzone2, or Uncharted). In short, please don't take away the weird stuff, some of us love it.

That said, I would love to see more titles on PSN...a few old school arcade games wouldn't hurt and I would still love to see a few more PC titles like Crayon Physics Deluxe or Audiosurf hit the playstation.