Vista cracked by Paradox 2007

Up until now there has been no true Vista crack. You could keep it in a 30 day evaluation forever but it still wasn't a total crack. Paradox changed that.

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bung tickler4433d ago

that sure didnt take long at all, you'd think with all the time they spent on making sure that you couldn't get it for free it woulda been a little harder to crack than that.

Subclavian4433d ago

This is bad .. really BAD

CompGeek4433d ago

Microsoft took 3 extra years to work on vista so it would take 3 extra weeks to crack -_-

Black Republican4433d ago

this is no surpise at all...
ppl work hard to make it secure...
ppl work hard to break it...

Merovee4433d ago

I could swear XP even took longer than that before a public crack was made.

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