New Final Fantasy XIII and XIII Versus Scans (plus XII)

Some new scans from a magazine have emerged with information about Final Fantasy including some all new media. Have a peak...enjoy the text...

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Violater5805d ago

For serious Final Fantasy fans.
I have never played the series before, ever.
Would it be too late for me to get into it ?

Shadow5805d ago

Final Fantasy games tend to work on a game-by-game basis. Aside from game mechanics and a few names/places, you could pick-up FFXIII and enjoy it, since the game has nothing to do with FFXII or any other story for that matter.

So each game tells its own story, often times in different settings, places, etc.

PS3 Owns All5805d ago

You can join in the action packed fantasy adventure RPG world of Final Fantasy. There are ALWAYS new storyline in every FF game. So enjoy it!

Xi5805d ago

Don't play ff7 first, you'll just be disapointed by most of the other games in the series special if you goto x-2 after.

Rasputin20115805d ago

I only started playing the Final Fantasy Games when I fell in love with FF7.

Devastator_oftheweak5805d ago

I must thank you for the wonderful scans of one of the highly anticipated titles. It's never too late to jump in to the Final Fantasy RPG's since they don't link together, other than Final Fantasy X and X-2. I love the new ideas that they bring to the fantasy world, the gunblades from VIII, the airships throughout. Great series to play, Love the summons and hope that they have more than ever this time.

DiLeCtioN5805d ago (Edited 5805d ago )

after playing ff12(the first ff game ive played) at my friends i got so into ff series and i dont think ill like to miss ff13.

ps i hope they make a dbz, naruto, bleach, okami for anime lovers on the ps3. thanks for the scans deepbrown

InMyOpinion5805d ago

Can anyone tell what gender the characters are just by looking at the pictures? =)

fenderputty5805d ago

The do always make the male characters look rather feminine.

The game looks awsome. I love this series. Some aren't as good as others but, from the info I've read on this one, I'll be really happy. I love story driven games.

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