Gran Turismo Awards 2008 @ SEMA

Sony's official youtube page has just released a high definition video of Gran Turismo Awards 2008 @ SEMA.

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PoSTedUP3528d ago

wow yo that **** got me HYPED!!!!

*goes and plays GT5p with the logitech driving force GT*.......*has a gamegasm*

TheColbertinator3528d ago

Look at the respect Gran Turismo gets.Its heralded by professional drivers,car enthusiasts and hardcore racing gaming fans.

Look at the Camaro SS.What a beauty :)

A 2009 release date for GT5 could really conclude this year for me in triumph.Come on Polyphony ,do it!

PoSTedUP3528d ago

oh man i would sell all my other games and call it a day... if that happens. which it sounds too good to be true : /

PirateThom3528d ago

If Gran Turismo 5 comes out, it basically guarantees I lose at least 150 hours of my life... :(

cmrbe3528d ago

some people still don't believe me when i said that GT is more than just a game lol!.

Its a freaking institution.