Comcast: 50Mbps speeds to 65% of territory by end of 2009

Comcast has some aggressive plans for its "superfast" wideband connectivity in 2009. The cable giant hopes to roll out DOCSIS 3.0 to 65 percent of its reach before the end of this year, which amounts to some 30 million homes and businesses.

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DetroitSportsFan3528d ago

I have Comcast. They always talk a big game and don't deliver. This will be no different.

romaink3528d ago

I just switched to U-verse and I'm enjoying the consistent bitrate, compared to Comcast's which was always hit or miss.

SaiyanFury3528d ago

And unfortunately, I'm nowhere near that demographic. I'm in rural (middle of buttf*** nowhere) Florida and the ONLY service out here is DSL at 1.5mbps. I seriously doubt that Comcast will bring it out my way.

Simon_Brezhnev3527d ago

u know comcast going to raise the price once again

FinalFantasyFanatic3527d ago

Doesn't the signal degrade faster with DOCSIS 3.0 then ADSL+ 2? That means you'd have to be pretty damn close to the exchange to see decent speed from it.

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CrayzeeCarl3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

So you'll reach your bandwidth cap how fast?

250GB cap = 5000s / 60s/m ~ 83 minutes

FinalFantasyFanatic3527d ago

Australia only gets 10gig for 512 and that costs us $50AUD. Then 25gig for ADSL+ 2 for roughly $70-$80 depending on who your with and regardless of what speed you get from it.

kalel1143528d ago

The biggest issue is still the price. $139.95 a month is way to expensive for a majority of that "footprint".

duarteq3528d ago

For a 100 Mbits access here in Portugal you only pay 60 to 65 euros. 139.95 it's to expensive.

Camper3528d ago

I got verizon fios about a month ago 50Mbps/20Mbps and still takes too long to dl full high def movies about 2 hours.
Also how fast is T1 speed? I heard they're only for business use only

Kurylo3d3527d ago

i had comcast for the last 2 years and switched to dsl. Couldnt be happier. Comcast is garbage... they talk big numbers but they cant give a steady bandwidth.. it would jump back and forth between 8000kbps to about 200 which is like 56k... the jumping back and forth is all over... 6000 to 8000 to 3000 to 9000. Anyone knows that u cant play games like that. When i called support i was told by a technician that his boss doesnt feel gaming is a priority he only cares if people can surf the web. And i was paying 100 dollars a month. In left 4 dead i couldnt even shoot a normal zombie... not 1... my bullits would float through them, it was pathetic.

Do not get comcast... be better with a constant 3000kbps with dsl.. which i love :) Games run beautifully now.

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