Fable 2's Big Thing: A Pet Dog

In an interview with Kotaku at at GDC 07, Peter Molyneux revealed some new details about Fable 2.

"I'm sitting in a small room with Peter Molyneux listening to him talk up Fable 2. There are, he tells me, three big things coming to the sequel to his role-playing game, but he only wants to talk about one of them today: Love.

Love, Molyneux says, comes in three general flavors in the game. There is the appreciation the wide world feels toward your character as he lives and fights in their world. There is the ability to make love and make babies. Yes, you can be both a man or a woman and if you're a woman, you can get pregnant. A first, he believes, for a main character in an RPG.

But the big thing, one of the biggest parts of Fable 2, will be the introduction of a dog to the game. Not just any dog, but your dog. The dog will be faithful to you and will have a deeply nuanced artificial intelligence so you won't actually control your dog at all. Instead your dog will act as a sort of living HUD. The game has no map, no other user interface on screen. Instead you will have to rely on the dog and what he sees and does.

You also will control the dog by your own actions. A great example. You come upon two bad guys and pull our your gun (yes, the game has guns) and the dogs knows automatically attack the closer targets."

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Sphinx4426d ago

...I can name him/her, I'll be happy.
Oh, and people can dog on this (pun intended) all they want. I think it is a brilliant idea, and am excited about having a more immersive game. How many people in this time period have a frikkin GPS anyway?

m234426d ago

That sounds pretty interesting. I hope the AI works well though. I didn't expect that and its a pretty cool idea. I wonder what kind of dog it is.

Rasputin20114426d ago

I totally want this game and then I read this article and want this game RIGHT NOW.

Legionaire20054426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )


USMChardcharger4426d ago

if you guys look at the comment section on, you will see The Truth commenting against the game.

isn't he a Sony fan? did he own a xbox and play Fable?

i was checking out new releases on and was reading the review section that people leave on games. i was looking at CoD3gold edition coming out for the 360 and saw The Truth leaving bad reviews for it there as well.

do you go to all the game sites and post negative comments on 360 games?

you must really hate Microsoft/360 to spend all your time doing that.

USMChardcharger4426d ago

man, that is the most responses i have ever gotten for a post, lol

Covenant4426d ago

King Kamehameha-Douche!

Keyser4425d ago

Infinite douche!

No, I like the PS3 and I don't bash the 360. That would be stupid, I own one. They [MS] make very good games. I hope that both companies continue to make good games so they can both continue to lure away my hard earned money the bahstuds!

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Syko4426d ago

As long as this game isn't 15 minutes long like the first one. Seriously I was into it and then it was over in a little over a day. Great game but even the second play through maxing everything completely it took about 25 hours but the first time just playing only took bout 8-10. Still I am going to buy this and am excited about it so I am crying just for the sake of not getting worked up and getting disappointed cause I am waiting for the gods to bless this game.

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