Noby Noby Boy Review by Gamer Limit

Noby Noby Boy is the weirdest game you will ever play. There are no missions, no enemies, and you control a worm whose head moves separately from his rear end. Noby Noby Boy is the latest creation from Keita Takahashi, the founder of Katamari Damacy; otherwise known as "the ball rolling game". Your objective is simple: eat stuff, and grow really, really big. What in the world is Noby Noby Boy, and is it fun? Hit the jump to solve the mystery!

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Fullish3529d ago

Haha such a random game.

Austin_SJ3529d ago

noby noby is crazy crazy

OGharryjoysticks3529d ago

That hole you open to eat stuff is the same one you piss through.

Ziriux3529d ago

Good game, but it seems like they'll release anything these days.

darkdoom30003529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

weirdest thing ive played. It was cheap so i bought it :p

Its cool tho, you can listen to custom soundtracks, and take Snapshots Via XMB (first game ive played with snapshots!!). Plus you can record the gameplay. and you can upload directly to youtube. nifty stuff.

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