Does The PS3 Have What It Takes?

"Now that we have the undisputed console champ poised in third place this generation with a long road ahead of them, the question lies; Do they have what it takes to reign supreme?"

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GWAVE3531d ago

This article is hardly an article. It basically says "PS3 is in third, but Sony is a successful hardware manufacturer, so WHO KNOWS what is going to happen?!?!?!"

PoSTedUP3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

actually this article states if the ps3 has what it takes or not and it comes to a conclusion, stop spamming the comment section please.

TheExecutive3531d ago

Actually your summary proves that this article may be the most level headed article on N4G in a while.

Timberland2K93531d ago

Price Is the only thing that holds the ps3 back.

Games like GOW 3 Killzone 2 Twisted Metal And many many more killer games from even 1st party are coming. PS3 is looking mighty fine this year

INehalemEXI3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

of course.

WTF-"This is the first time in over a century that Sony has had some real competition in the console market. "

qoute from article^^

Sony has not been in the console market for a century... Century= 100 years.. . . Fire your editor.

PoSTedUP3531d ago

i think he got decade confused with century lol. im pretty sure thats what he meant though. honest mistake.

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ape0073531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

ps3 is just an all around amazing system

sony keep fw updates comin and the home support :)

Aclay3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I think the PS3 has what it takes because it was built to last the test of time. I don't think the PS3 ever meant to be an instant seller right out of the gate, but was meant to be more of a gradual progression over a longer span of time. The PS3 has the most staying power this generation, and that's what I think will ensure the PS3 great success in the future.

The only market I think Sony really needs to push harder for is the U.S. market. Even though the 360 has a 1 million lead in Europe (according to M$), the only thing I think the PS3 needs in Europe to regain the lead for good is a price cut and Gran Turismo 5, that's it. And of course, Sony will always have in Japan on lock, and both Final Fantasy XIII & FF Versus XIII are going to boost PS3 sales immensely in the Far East.

If Sony can hit the U.S. market harder, I think there's a pretty good chance the PS3 can catch up to the 360 this generation, because PS3 has already proven that it can outsell the 360 at a higher price point, and a cheaper PS3 price point in combination with the games the PS3 has lined up in the near future is going to do some serious damage on a Worldwide basis.

Helghast Slayer3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

PS3 is for the grown and sexy. The Sh!tBoxPleaseFixMe is for stupid cheap American retarded teens. I suggest you xbots leave your basement once a while to get some fresh air.

DavidMacDougall3531d ago

Ps3 has better games and movies its only 3rd in "Sales" because of its price

cmrbe3531d ago

I don't see the wii and x360 lasting another 8 years on the market. Only the PS3 is capeable of lasting another 8 years.

So yes the PS3 has what it takes.

What Sony needs right now is more support from 3rd parties. Sony also needs get more varied games out to cater for various gamers no matter how samll they are in numbers. The PS3 exclusives are unmatched as well as their 1st parties. We all know this. Starting with KZ2 we are going to see a steady stream of unmatched exclusives from Sony as the fruits of their 1st parties labour will finally bear fruit.

TheExecutive3531d ago

I agree that the wii and the 360 wont last 8 years. I believe that the ps3 will overtake the 360 but it will never take the wii. But this doesnt matter, does it?

cmrbe3531d ago

You see. I firmly believe that the wii userbase mostly consist of people that haven't game before. My mother and my older sister are a prime example. They saw we gaming thoughout my whole life and they couldn't get it. However the wii has completely changed that. They can't get enough of wii sports and wii-fit.

I do believe that long time Nin fans are still there but i think most of the hardcore crowd have moved on. This is just my opinion offcourse.

soxfan20053531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

The Xbox 360 will last at least 8 years, probably 10, and here is why:

The original Xbox was produced for 4 years (2001-2005), and sold around 22-25 million consoles. Its last game was released in 2008 (Madden 09), giving it 7 years of game support - at least by third parties. The 360 has sold around 28 million in a years less time, and there has been no mention of a new console in development, meaning the 360 will stay in production for at least 6 years. Plus, the 360 has shown no signs of losing support - it sells consistently month after month. Judging from how long the original Xbox was supported, the 360 will easily be a 10-year console.

I think that after all is said and done this generation, PS3 and 360 will each last 10 years, and Wii will probably fade and be replaced first (just my opinion).

PoSTedUP3531d ago

the wii and 360 CAN last 10 years but thats up to MS and nintendo. it will be stupid to not support them for as long as they can. they most certainly can last that long though with out a doubt. just because sony are the only ones that did it doesnt mean no 1 else cant.

RememberThe3573531d ago

It's not going to be up to fanboys how long a console lasts, it's going to be up to the manufacturers. We could sit in here for years waiting to see how long the consoles last, but it wont change a thing.

I got a crazy idea, so bare with me... We could play games instead! I know! Gamers playing games?! I know this is a revolutionary concept, so take your time to digest it.

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