Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo: The new console wars

Anyone else get the sense that this generation of consoles is played out? Xbox is in trouble, PlayStation 3 is coming into its own with Killzone 2, and meanwhile there's talk about the future.

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Zeus Lee3617d ago

I think Killzone 2 will be the Playstation 3 title that officially shuts up two of the most vocal groups of Ps3 haters; those who still claim Ps3 has no good games, and those who claim the 360 is graphically equal to the Ps3.

Therefore, I think the impact of Killzone 2 will be quite interesting.

GWAVE3617d ago

^^^ Can't argue with you there.

Though I think all three consoles (yes, all three, which includes the Wii) have a lot of potential left in them, I think that people are going to stop giving the 360 so much favor. 2009-2010 is when the PS3 outshines the competition, but beyond that, who knows? Maybe the Wii will take the hardcore gaming community by storm just like the original NES did.

All IMO, of course.

Timberland2K93617d ago

until KZ2 i agree with lee

GiantEnemyCrab3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

"In terms of its game library I’m not sure there’s much left to be excited about."

/goes back to playing Lost & Damned which I've been thinking about going back to since I stopped playing last night. Oh and that is an exclusive because I wouldn't mention any multiplatform games because you cannot be excited for those am I right?

Oh and I love how he says Netflix is the sole reason the 360 is still in the game.

So freakin tired of flamebait articles telling 360 gamers they have nothing to be excited about. Lame.

Now disgree away and tell me why I have nothing to be excited about on the 360.

jaybdemented3617d ago

the same can be said about the ps3 is doomed articles. but no matter how many people point out, they will never stop. baiting fanboys gets them hits.

tudors3616d ago

why is the Xbox-360 in trouble, we have games like Alan Wake and DeusX3 to name but a few, DeusX3 will be a classic, just watch when the details start to come through, I think people have gone a bit silly when it comes to new games, all we ever mention is KZ2 and Gears 2 but if we actually looked we would see a vast amount of games on the horizon. For the record Flower and LBP look like classics, now if I can say that why do some of you guys keep forgetting games like Alan Wake and DeusX3, and what about Huxley? if they achieve all they want to achieve that game could be brilliant.

ASSASSYN 36o3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Because they desperately are looking for a way to undercut the advancement of MS in the gaming industry. Regardless of the opinions formulated about the 360 these nuts neglect the fact that the original xbox live adopters stayed committed to the 360 when it launched but where are the millions of people who purchased the ps2.

They found xbox-live and wii and neglected the ps3 for a year. They are 360 owners buying and average of 8 games per system. The xbox had a barely existing library compared to the ps2 and it retained the fans. The xbox 360 has a dynamic and lasting library yet everyone is expected to jump ship or something. 360 generates the best game sales to console ratio ever yet people are going to quit it. O K!

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