PS3 and Xbox 360 to switch positions in 2009

The sales figures for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the US have been volatile in 2008. The year started off strong for the PS3, outselling the Xbox 360 from January to the beginning of September in the US. However, the Xbox 360 kicked into overdrive starting mid September throughout the end of the year. However, early indications seem to suggest that both consoles may be switching positions this year.

The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 by 1.52 million units up to September. The PS3 sold 6.32 million units while the Xbox 360 sold 4.8 million units up to that point. However, you can chronicle exactly where the Xbox 360 overtook the PS3 starting from the massive price drop in September. The Xbox 360 managed to make up ground lost to the PS3 from September to the end of the year. Both consoles ended the year with almost equivalent sales: PS3 (10.78 mil) and X360 (10.8 mil).

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GWAVE5153d ago

The wild card in this situation is a PS3 price drop. Both 2007 and 2008 have proven that the PS3 can go toe-to-toe with the 360 even with "no good gamez" (2007's mindset) and a much higher price point. Imagine what will happen as the PS3's exclusive library actually EXCEEDS the 360's and when it gets a price drop.

Dropping the PS3 down to $300 or even $250 is the #1 thing Microsoft fears. After all, you can only drop the price of the 360 so low before you're giving it away for free.

La Chance5153d ago

"Imagine what will happen as the PS3's exclusive library actually EXCEEDS the 360's and when it gets a price drop."

Well we've already been imagining for a long time.

Were in 2009 already and till this day each and every single one of your theories have been wrong.

Not a single one your theories have come true since the PS3 launched...not a single one.

So rather than imagining lets sit back and watch especially since all your "imaginations" never seem to come true.

GWAVE5153d ago

LOL. La Chance, you talk about my "theories" as if I've been a part of this site since the PS3 launched. I haven't even OWNED a PS3 since launch, let alone been a part of this site.

I'd like to know what sort of incorrect theories I've been clinging to. If you could point that out, I'd be grateful. Otherwise, take your trolling elsewhere.

La Chance5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

when I say "you" I mean YOU + all your fan brothers.

We were supposed to imagine what was going to happen to the 360 when :

-the ps3 launched

-first ps3 price cut

-Uncharted came out

-MGS4 came out

-GT5P came out

I remember there was supposed to be some huge migration from PS2 to PS3 when those games came out and the same for the PS franchize GTA4.Remember that "brand loyalty" you guys were talking about and that was supposed to come into play ?

-LBP came out : where are those millions of casual gamers who were supposed to buy the PS3 like hot cakes ? Thats what you guys were saying...I mean since when do casuals buy 400$ consoles ?

-when Home came out : no comment

and now lets imagine what happens when the PS3 price cut comes?? Well something could happen and normally should happen but since till now 100% of the time nothing has ever happened I think its wiser to sit back and watch.

and I can go on forever with all the different "theories"

And its so ironic you calling me a troll...

JhawkFootball065153d ago

I like bananas. Do you like bananas?

OGharryjoysticks5153d ago

150 for the Pro model.

Next system will be released at the end of next year.
They have had games being developed for it for over a year now.

StayHigh5153d ago

yeah 2007 when it launched it didnt have much great game..But there was a few!!

Microsoft will have to do another price drop again this year..because Sony is probably going to do another within this year...

RonRico5153d ago

And how much do you think this New System will cost? Because we all know the price of the PS3 is to high right?

Lifendz5153d ago

you must have an alt account, right? I mean, you have 2 bubbles. There's no way you comment twice and then leave. And by the way, making troll like comments will only get those bubbles taken every time.

alster235153d ago

i think there going to be a price drop this year. according to my friend whos applying for a job at a local gamestop whos is friend with the manager said that the ps3 will get a $50 price cut sometime in the summer. take this with a grain of salt though.

soxfan20055153d ago

"massive price drop in September."

$50-$100 price drop in 3 years is hardly "massive".

WIIIS15153d ago

La Chance, you are absolutely right in your observations. It has been a long time now since the boastful PS3 predictions that were made pre-launch, and not one of them has come true. I fail to understand why some people would consider your comments as trolling.

adalwolfe5153d ago

I agree with la chance 100%... these endless ps3 theories are really getting old and need to stop. I am honestly tired of reading them. because they always end in failure. Bubbles for you la chance..

sak5005153d ago

@lachance +bubbles

We can see the bias here already with people having 9-10 bubbles. The sony lovers have multiplied their accounts and being bubbling themselves. Their comments are ridiculous and openly diss the 360 and yet the bubbles are growing day by day. Anyway, thats the only position ps3 can look forward to switching cuz there is no fourth console available. From bottom you can only look up... 8million gap is a huge task to achieve this gen.

JD_Shadow5153d ago

Seems rather odd that three people said nearly the exact same thing and agreed with someone whose argument that someone with an IQ of TWO could see holes in.

JokesOnYou5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

Well what sales numbers is he referencing?, seems like he's mixing up the NPD data with worldwide sales data, or am I wrong?....I'm a bit confused, hmmm I found the 2008 NPD sales data:

Jan NPD PS3 - 269,000
360 - 230,000

Feb NPD PS3 – 280,800
360 – 254,600

Mar NPD 360 - 262,000
PS3 - 257,000

Apr NPD 360 – 188,000
PS3 – 187,100

May NPD PS3 – 208,700
360 – 186,600

June NPD PS3 – 405,500
360 – 219,800

July NPD PS3 – 224,900
360 – 204,800

Aug NPD 360 – 195,200
PS3 – 185,400

Sept NPD 360 – 347,200
PS3 – 232,400

Oct NPD 360 – 371,000
PS3 – 190,000

Nov NPD 360 – 836,000
PS3 – 378,000

Dec NPD 360 – 1,440,000
PS3 – 726,000

08 Total 360 - 4,735,000
PS3 - 3,544,100

A difference of 1,190,900 + for 360 in US. It just seems odd that he starts off qouting NPD numbers but it seems at some point he's referencing worldwide sales and it wasn't very clear....does anybody have a link for 2008 total sales data outside of the US?


N4360G5153d ago

We all know this.Even the hardcore Xbox fanboys know it's true.The PS3 has the games and hardware this gen,all that's needed is a price drop and more advertising.

captainjy5153d ago

Sony can drop the price all they want. MS will counter and keep the lead, most likely. MS has several good known exclusives, DLC for GTA, Halo Wars, possibly Alan Wake, more Gears DLC, Halo 3 Recon, several titles unannounced and more new Live features. With Sony losing $4 billion in 2008 and Bluray not really taking off as hoped for, they will improve, but won't narrow the gap in 2009...again.

Sheikh Yerbouti5153d ago

Not even a price cut would change the game now I believe. PS3 will build off the success it had in 2008, but it won't affect the 360 too much. If MS doesn't deliver with the games (which it will starting with Halo Wars), then 360 may falter. But the sales lead will still be there.

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I_LOVE_MYSELF5153d ago

LOL is all I have to say... 360 has established its domminance... It will end up on top of the PS3 this gen...

OGharryjoysticks5153d ago

this gen doesn't end until Sony stops making the PS3.

soxfan20055153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

Exactly - PS3 simply does not have enough time to catch 360 this generation. To make up a 6-8 million console deficit (we'll call it 7 million) in just one years time, PS3 would have to outsell 360 by over 500,000 per month. No console even sells 500,000 per month, let alone outsell the competition by that much. Plus, 360 sales show no signs of slowing down. Even if PS3 gets close in 2 years, the 360 will be 6 years old by then, and this generation will be nearly over.

@2.4 - That may be true, but that would mean that PS3 would pass 360 about 2-3 years into the lifecycle of the next generation, after MS (and probably Sony) have already established their next consoles. How relevant will that be after most gamers have moved on? 360 will continue to lead for as long as it is just 360 vs. PS3.

StayHigh5153d ago

PS3 is expensive and is able to sell 10 million each year its a great accomplishment..just imagine when their another price drop on the PS3 its going to be selling like crazy.The 360 install base is only 28 and Sony 21...Its not big difference they can still catch up..Sony got the best first party exclusive games..

oh yukuza 3 rules go dl now!!!

cayal5153d ago

umm hate to break it to you, based on current rate the PS3 only has to go on for one more year to beat the 360 since it sells more per year than the 360 does (average).

INehalemEXI5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

The generation is about to reach a climax in the form of KZ2 I'm not worried about whos on top in sales atm or at the end of the year. Its all gravey.

N64 lost but it had GoldenEye 007

KarIostomy5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

@ cayal.

bzzzt! wrong.

In 2008 the ps3 sold slightly less than the 360.
what's more, in Dec and Jan the ps3 got hammered in comparative sales.

Based on the last 3 months, the ps3 is getting royally trounced.

At the moment the ps3 is going backwards in sales, while the 360 is increasing its sales. A massive ps3 pricedrop may change that toward the end of this year.
I predict, in one year's time, the sales difference will remain at 6-8 million with ps3 in third place.

You may qote me on that if you wish.

cayal5152d ago

*sigh* proving idiots wrong is so easy, it's almost boring.

Current average:
PS3 - 10 million consoles a year
360 - 9.3 million a year

therefore if both consoles go for 10 years (which means the 360 will stop one year before the PS3)

360 will sell 93 million
PS3 will sell 100 million (PS3 will be 90 million the year the 360 stops).

Nice try though.

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dan881235153d ago

I wonder why you still have bubbles.

JOLLY15153d ago

Here is the thing the gap is roughly 8 million between the ps3 and the 360. If the new consoles come out in 2 years, like people are predicting. That means that the ps3 would have to sell, on average, 333,000 a month more than the 360. I am only stating going to say that in January the 360 roughly doubled the ps3 in sale. Yes, I realize that the ps3 is more than the 360 in most cases. However the elite is $399 whuich is the exact same price as the ps3. I am not saying that the ps3 won't pick up in sales. I am just saying that beating the 360 over 333,000 consoles per month average is a pretty tall order.

I_LOVE_MYSELF5153d ago

well put mate... i just dont word my things as well as you lol

cmrbe5153d ago

I doubt the next gen console will be released in another 3 years min. Perhaps Nin but not MS and Sony.

R&D for new consoles cost a fortune and with the financial crisis at the moment i doubt MS and Sony are keen on releasing the xbox3 and PS4 anytime soon. I would say end of 2012 at least.

JOLLY15153d ago

lets say they come out in 2013. You are still looking at 166,000ish a month starting last month. That's an average. Do you really think that it is going to be able to do that much over the 360 each month? No, you don't think they can. They are having troubles just getting 100,000 units sold right now. I am not trying to say the ps3 suxorz. I am just saying that it will end up in 3rd when all is said and done. That isn't a bad thing, it's just a place.

DavidMacDougall5153d ago

360 had a big head start (Tech, release date), thats the only reason its where it is.

But Sony will do what they did with the ps2 for the ps3 and it will kill the 360, but then Microsofts "Embrace, extend, and exterminate" will kick in and they will move on to the 720 and say they won, which they haven't. They just cut and run and got lucky

cmrbe5153d ago

3 years is alot and i believe the PS3 will catch up even before then. PS3 will be 199 before then with all its main games.

OGharryjoysticks5153d ago

Sony owns more studios than Nintendo and Microsoft combined.
Quite a few of them have not even released a game on PS3 yet.
They all share technology.
Next year will be worse for 360 only owners.

RememberThe3575153d ago

I'm completely fine with what I have right now. I don't see that changing any time soon.

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dan881235153d ago

I'm sorry, but when someone says

"LOL is all I have to say... 360 has established its domminance... It will end up on top of the PS3 this gen..."

reminds me that people are huge fanboys. It's to hard to guess what will happen this year in terms of console sales. We don't know about price drops, all the games released this year, and other factors.

GiantEnemyCrab5153d ago

Agreed. Then why do we have this article then? It's basically doing the same thing, guessing.

Says you5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

The XBox 360 doesn't even have a real userbase considering their are so many people around the world that has there console break on them many times or stolen or bought more then one XBox 360 just in case the first one dies or had there house on fire or there warranty expired and of course the same people around the world that happened to them would buy another XBox 360 and Microsoft would count the same people thinking they are different people and count them as part of there userbase!

and plus there only ahead by 6 million PS3 21 million XBox 360 27 million check Wikipedia but then again since they don't have a real userbase nobody knows what the real number is for XBox 360 since there the same people and the only one that has the real userbase is Sony and Nintendo considering their console don't break as much as Microsoft's!.