IGN: DSi: To Upgrade, or Not to Upgrade

Adding in two cameras, internal memory for music, pictures, and downloadable software, a SD port for additional memory, a new front end inspired by the Wii's channel system, and a pair of slightly larger screens, the DSi hopes to bring new lift into the already impressive DS hardware.

Where the real question comes in though, is in some of the changes and sacrifices the hardware asks players to make, and with that IGN hears the questioning cries of Nintendo fans everywhere as they shout "Should I, or should I not drop the cash and upgrade to DSi?"

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-GametimeUK-3580d ago

No way am I dropping the cash on this upgrade... No chance in hell... It offers no real benifits towards me games wise... And losing a GBA slot sux

Venomish3579d ago

and losing region free-ness

Fernando Rocker3579d ago

I can believe that people is still confused...

The DSi is region free. If you buy an american DSi, you will be able to play your japanese copies of Ouendan or Jump Superstar.

The only thing that is locked is the DSi Online Store...

rCrysis3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

when compared to the PSP in this price really doesn't semm that appealing.

You've got the 2 cameras...a mini-SD slot...and a few other technical upgrades (including 16mb or RAM or something like that)

that for an extra $50? now really. I'm still enjoying my DSLite. I'm not planning to pick up a DSi unless Nintendo makes 'DSi Only' games.

PS - that DSi shop reminds me of the App store =P

Fernando Rocker3579d ago

The DSi uses SDHC cards, regular size, not mini.

It also includes bigger screens, wireless G (DS Lite and PSP uses wireless B), WPA Security, 256MB of internal memory, improved speakers, the volume slider is now replaced with a volume rocker like the Gameboy Micro (you can also change the brightness while playing (just hold the L button and press the volume rocker up or down)... and some games will take advantage of the storage: for example, the upcoming DJ Max Technika will offer additional DLC songs for those who have a DSi.

Also... some people still thinks that the battery life is shorter, but that's not true. Well, the battery life is shorter at the highest brightness, but the DSi has an extra level of brightness compared to the DS Lite. If you turn the DSi brightness to the DS Lite max level, the battery last the same.

The DSi is not a new generation DS. It's just a new revision, kinda like the PSP-1000, PSP-2000 and PSP-3000. The system is not intended to be a replacement for your current DS system. If you need and want the added features, then go for it. If not, the DS Lite will have the same games (minus the DSiWare games)... the DSi is also for people who don't have a DS system or for people who wanted to buy a DS before but didn't get one because they wanted a system with all the other features.

And about the camera... the resolution is 640x480, just like almost every laptop integrated webcam. Nintendo never promoted the camera as a replacement for a digital camera or to make prints, etc. If you see the new ads, the DSi Camera is to have the pictures stored in your DSi system... play with the pictures, share pictures with other DSi owners, make slideshows, animations, a photo journal... but everything stored in your DSi. The camera resolution is more than enough, specially because the screens resolution. The pictures are intended to be used with the DSi system and nothing more.

You guys can check more info about the DSi at

anubis123579d ago

how are you going to play guitar hero then

TOSgamer3579d ago

For the price of a PSP? I'm cool...

kewlkat0073579d ago

when all you have to do is take a look at other devices and markets....NDs, PSP, Ipod...etc

I t do not think it's worth the upgrade, unless you sell your original and get a decent amount back.