IGN: DICE 2009: EyePet Eyes-On

Today, Sony presented a panel discussion with Michael Denny, senior vice president of Worldwide Studios Europe and Mike Haigh, development director for Sony's London Studio, regarding Sony's European game development. At the end of the discussion, a video presentation was given for the upcoming project, EyePet.

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Cajun Chicken3531d ago

I'm getting this. I used to have a silly prog on PC called 'Cyberpest' it was excellent and a little prog on Amiga called Neko. I love it to bits, well, the fact that it reacted to my mouse cursor.

I know this is going to be harsh, but I can't wait to throw my Eyepet palm to palm when its out.

Alcon3531d ago

This game would be great in 3D!

slimy the g8ter3531d ago

i guess the ps3 has its own pokemon or viva pinata

pippoppow3531d ago

Always good to see a different take on "what is a game?". Should be nice for virtual pet fans.

eagle213531d ago

another awesome title to look forward too.

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