Microsoft releases Xbox 360 Momentum Fact Sheet

Microsoft just issued a press release containing the Xbox 360 Momentum Fact Sheet. What the heck is a momentum fact sheet, you ask? In a nut shell, it's just a list of things the company can shove up the face of competition. Sounds a little too proud? There's nothing wrong with that if you have something to be really proud of, don't you think so?

The overall software attach rate for Xbox 360 is...

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ASSASSYN 36o4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Sony will never match those stats. Especially with the Ps3. Hey sony boys if you want a true on-line experience we xbox-live gamers are waiting to train you in the art of fun and on-line gaming. So quit sucking sony bull crap and experience a perfectly designed system and on-line network.

grifter0244271d ago

Funny SHogun I dont know why you think they wont match those stats... They probably will get close seeing as how they are getting almost the same stuff as us... being from copying or something else..... I like the marketplace and what is going on there... It was a good news post hopefully the ps3 will have a factsheet I would like to see their numbers.

WacksOnWacksOff4271d ago

PS2 is selling better than the PS3? Wow.

Bhai4270d ago

PS3 is out only 3 months launched, and yeah PS2 lives !!!


360 is out 1_year_AND_3_months, xbox is dead, but still a xbox game Halo-2 stays on xbl top HeeHeeHee !!! 360 is desperate for games diversity.

('Side Note': Halo-2's being good couldn't save xbox, maybe it wasn't THAT appealing ! but yeah what else did MS had...HaHaHa !)

Jay da 2KBalla4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Yea DJ the game is that good. Plus Im pretty sure there are more people with halo 2 than any xbox 360 game. GOW=3 million+ copies. halo2 7million+ copies. Why you try to make it seem like a negative thing I dont know but whatever. If it makes you feel better though Gears of War has been themost played game on xbox live since its release.

But what I want to know is are there 6 million xbox 360s connected to live or does that number include xbox 1 as well?

Syko4271d ago

Here goes M$ again firing up the "Hype Train"...

Wait sorry I confused my companies there for a second.

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The story is too old to be commented.