Neocrisis: Street Fighter IV Review.

Neocrisis writes: Street Fighter IV was a long time coming but I have to tell you that the wait was worth it. Capcom has crafted one of the if not the best fighters of all time. Every thing in the game is polished to a mirror shine and the balance is nearly flawless.

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Reibooi3587d ago

The idea of Characters for DLC excites me. I hope they do get around to doing that. It would also make alot more sense for the Championship edition to be DLC as well sense all it really is is balancing and a few new characters and modes.

Perhaps they could have a DLC version as well as a Retail version kind of like the Game of the Year editions for games we see everey now and then.

Ninja-Sama3587d ago

What's with the early review Neocrisis?

Reibooi3587d ago

I don't really think the review could be considered early. The game has been out for 2-3 days depending on where you are and considering the fact that it's a fighting game it doesn't take that long to play through the Arcade mode with all the characters. Honestly once you get the fighting system down and have played a few hundred matches you can pretty much review a fighting game. They inherently don't have much content the reason you stay is for the competition online and such.

Ninja-Sama3587d ago

but usually I see necrosis reviewing games like months after they've released so that's why I wondered how they reviewed SF4 so "early".

green-cigarettes 3587d ago

please does anyone know how to shut off the option of receiving challenges of people while you are playing other modes? because every ten damn seconds i get " a new warrior has enter the arena" and it is annoying as hell. worst thing is it doesnt let me finish anything because when im about to finish the fight, i get interrupted and it restarts over and over again so please help?