AATG: Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice Review

Behind the incredibly basic graphics and annoying jap-pop, there lies an unbelievably deep strategy JRPG.

This needs saying sooner rather than later. The graphics within Disgaea 3 are dreadful. Well, not dreadful but they're stripped back to the ultimate bare essentials. The game is all too aware of this. Upon booting up Disgaea 3 you're greeted with a message advising large-screen TV owners to sit as close as possible and dim the lights. As you're shuffling forward a huge "just kidding" is fired your way. Let it be said that this is most definitely not a game that you'd use to pimp your high-def TV setup. AATG recently put some time into the import version of Disgaea on the Nintendo DS and in places the DS version matches the PS3. The graphics are that basic.

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