Everyday Playstation - Burnout Paradise: Legendary Cars Review

Everyday Playstation writes: "The Burnout team have been great to us over the last 12 months with a number of fantastic free updates that a lot of companies wouldn't dream of doin. But there comes a time when they want more money out of us – and who can blame them?

Their first premium DLC was released onto the PS store last Thursday, this was the party pack something that will be familiar to fans of the EA Skate series. Now the much anticipated 'Legendary cars' pack is now available…but it will cost you."

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-GametimeUK-3531d ago

Just because they give us great updates does not give them a free pass to overcharge and scam us on later DLC... I love the example they set but it looks like they have turned to the dark side... I dont buy DLC now... It never gives you as much value as the cost of the game... But I do think if they are gonna charge the have to make it at a reasonable price