SCEA Announces Planned 2009 Line-up writes:

SCEA announced its planned 2009 line-up which is full of blockbuster titles...

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doctorstrange3525d ago

'The game ushers in an unprecedented year of titles to hit the PlayStation platform throughout the year including'...'God of War® III'

woo straight from sony

Sev3525d ago

That means it most likely will be playable at E3.

It is sure to steal the holiday season. PS3 will rule this holiday season.

pwnsause3525d ago

wait, did they just accedently confirm that God of War III will come out this year?

iHEARTboobs3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Why is the following text in black? I can only see it when i highlight it. Or is my comp playing dirty tricks?

“Every single frame of this commercial was directly rendered on a PS3 without the need for additional tweaking or touching up. We’re very proud that our game engine technology has reached the point where we don’t have to resort to software pre-rendering,” said Hermen Hulst, Managing Director. “In that regard it is a testament to our commitment to deliver on what we promise. What you see is what you get.”

Edit: Nice, i can see it now. Now everyone can see that Sony's not up to any trickery with their latest TV ad. It's all PS3 muscle.

doctorstrange3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

im getting it too

ah ta sev tis better now

Sev3525d ago

@ iHEARTBoobs,

Sorry, didn't notice that at first. Was in a rush to be the first with the news.

Sometimes SCEA press releases are in different colored texts, and black doesn't mesh well with my site's background.

legendkilla3525d ago

highlight it .. it will show up :)

GWAVE3525d ago

"Year of the PS3" two years in a row?

Immortal Kaim3525d ago

One glaring omission from the list is GT5...

joydestroy3525d ago

that is the sole reason i clicked on the link, to see if GoWIII was on there, and it is!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! totally excited about this year!

XxZxX3525d ago

MAG, uncharted, Heavy rain, GOD of war III

Oh my goodness.

burbulla3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I hope they don't delay it, All that + final fantasy 13 in japan + GT 5 in early 2010 ! WOW just WOW.

All the above + multi-platforms, like Assassin's creed 2, COD: Modern warfare 2 and GRAW 3 and much more. I sure am glad I bought the right console !
if only there was a price drop !

callahan093525d ago

I've been pretty confident in Heavy Rain being out in 2009 for a while now. I was pretty confident about God of War 3, as well. I think they'll both make it. It's curious we haven't seen any gameplay footage of MAG yet, though, since the devs have already stated that the game is up and running and they constantly have the entire team playing matches against each other right now, and that Sony now has it listed for 2009. I think we'll see a big MAG blow-out at E3 this year, but I'm really hoping it comes sooner at GDC. Game Developer's Conference is a place for developers to convene and share their insights into development, that's what it's traditionally for, and it still largely serves that purpose (although now it has a lot more focus on bragging about what each developer is accomplishing than sharing how they did). So MAG would be a perfect candidate with 256-player online frag-fests for a GDC unveil and some details on the tech they're running.

What really has me at a loss, though, are the lack of inclusion of the new Ratchet & Clank title, which, if you can believe what is advertised after you beat Quest for Booty (and I can, because Insomniac has a great track record for hitting their goals and release windows), that new R&C should be out this fall. Also, where is White Knight Chronicles? I'm starting to worry that they're not going to give that game a North American release, which would be very unfortunate. Here's hoping they come out with that in 2009!

Why o why3525d ago

I KNOW there will be more titles.


yeah, i remember reading that after i clocked it too. That alone reinforces my notion that there will be more to come and maybe a couple of surprises

XxZxX3525d ago

Danja, dude, save some for next year, dont get too greedy there. At least we know 2010, they cant say PS3 has no games.

cmrbe3525d ago

Knowing Poly i am fairly sure that GT5 will come out in 2010 especially if GOW3 makes it out this year. Sony will be crazy to release all their major titles this year.

The only game that i am sad that they haven't mentioned is RC TOD 2. I am dying to play the next chapter. I already completed RC TOD about 11 times now.

kingOVsticks3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Im really excited for heavy rain, I live that sh!t! Oh and GOW3 coming out this year is a nice surprised, first GOW not in march, maybes theres a secret meaning for kratos in the month of november or december :P

BISHOP-BRASIL3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

OUCH! I can feel it hurting! Its... My wallet?!


You guys are getting it wrong, not being in this list doesn't confirm a 2010 release.

Take GT5 as an example. It isn't under SCEA supervision, all those games confirmed are (except by KZ2, but that is already coming out) So it's not on the list.

GT5 is under the japan based SCEI supervision. And if I remember right, Kazunori laughed at 2010 release date.

I think it shall come this year, at least in Japan.

thats_just_prime3525d ago

The list is bs we already know half of those titles wont be out till 2010. I''d like to see where sony confirmed any of this


Oh really? So you have confirmation that Sony WON'T launch those games in 2009? Ok, so point it.

Yeah, I thought so. You call it rumors, even it being in a Sony statement, althrough you trow in your own rumors saying "we already know half of those titles wont be out till 2010" when nobody stated 2010 for none of those games.

If you didn't read, it is a Sony press release and they just briefly cited 2009 and those games.

Not to say the only games on that list we was uncertain about 2009 or 2010 release date were God Of War III, which was unlikely 2009, and MAG, which was likely 2009.

Heavy Rain was more than expected, most gaming sites had it on 2009 schedule since last year.

Uncharted, Ratchet and others were already confirmed 2009.

Quit trolling, it'll fry (more of) your brain cells.

na2ru13525d ago

Guys I ordered gow1,2 and chain of olympus from amazon today all for just over £20! It's a steal and there's loads more(from UK).

I'll finally get an insight on what happened so far in gow. And how will MAG turn out like?

PS360PCROCKS3525d ago

God of war III? I'm not putting my hopes up for that title at all. I want it so badly I'm not going to disappoint myself. I'm still sticking with March 2010. No GT5 wtf Polyphony?

GameGambits3525d ago

I didn't think we'd hear about MAG again until late 2010. That game has a lot of explaining to do in how they want to manage 256 people online at once.

That'll be the one game at this years GDC or E3 that I'll want more information on.

BattleAxe3525d ago

You have to be stupid not to own a PS3 this year.

SL1M DADDY3525d ago

To be honest, owning both systems is nice but with last year, only having actually purchased a small handful of games for the 360, the PS3 is becoming my primary console and not just for reliability reasons. With a games line up like this and very little on the 360's horizon, you can bet that the PS3 will get some major play time. Thanks god these PS3 are built like tanks!

THE TRUTH3525d ago

If sony can pull off this lineup in 2009 the only question left to gamers would be why DON'T you have a PS3? MS better have more than one jaw dropper at E3 or its cancel christmas for them. I love me some GOW3 but I have to say my #1 game I'm looking forward to is MAG! One thing is for sure that the pressure is definetly on both MS and Nintendo to show up and show up BIG, and as a gamer I would not have it anyother way! Its time to put up or shut up because with that lineup Sony is showing a straight flush(I'm from vegas) and its time to show them cards men!

Man am I excited for this years E3, and please MS AND nintendo don't let your big announcment be "we stole an exclusive" because that is getting real old!

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Arsenal4Ever3525d ago

Don't get your hopes up and think GOW3 will be available to buy in 09 though, I dont see that happening in a while.

lokiroo4203525d ago

Thanks for an opinion that not only does not matter but nobody asked for, why not go kick a puppy in the stomach instead.

Kushan3525d ago

I wasn't aware that any of the opinions on this site were "asked for". Including yours.

Sheikh Yerbouti3525d ago

I seriously doubt GOWIII will be out 2009, although I would love it to be. Read the article, it seems just like an excuse to mention "Killzone".

I pre-ordered the game already. Enough with the Killzone stories. Find a new flavor.

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Mr PS33525d ago

For The PS3

This time Next Week !!
Killzone 2 !!

smurfie43525d ago

I'm a little skeptical about GOW3 coming out this year but I wouldn't mind if it does. That's unless it pressures Santa Monica to make the deadline.

rhood0223525d ago

It could very well come out this year. The trailer, if you remember, was said to have been created last year. I mean, that is when Jaffe saw it and commented on it.

Even at the early stages much of the character models and other assets seem to be in place. It would only be a matter of continuing to polish it and building on it from that.

wolfehound223525d ago

agreed GOW3 and MAG are surprising

3525d ago
Recumbent Tan3525d ago

Ahhh, the light and warmth of the Sony Sun shall make me retain my tan all year long =)