Electronic Arts Confirm Return of American McGee's Alice (Includes first official Artwork)

Electronic Arts Inc. and Spicy Horse today announced that they have signed a publishing deal for an all-new title based on EA's 2000 classic, American McGee's Alice. The game reunites EA with American McGee, the creative visionary behind the original game. The new title is in development for the PC, PLAYSTATION3 and Xbox360.

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GWAVE3530d ago

If the art style and theme is as strong as the 2000 version, this could end up being one of the most creative games to hit consoles in a long time. Hopefully EA gives it the "Dead Space" or "Burnout" treatment instead of the "Madden" treatment.

Megaton3530d ago

F*cking awesome! ...hopefully.

The original was great.

Cajun Chicken3529d ago

This is GREAT news!

I wonder if this ties in with the film thats supposed to come out?