Mozilla: Sometimes govt. is answer to Microsoft

Mozilla Foundation's Mitchell Baker describes Firefox, the open-source Web browser, as "an anomaly."

While most Microsoft competitors lay down and die when Microsoft claims 90 percent or more of a market, Mozilla has fought back to earn more than 20 percent of the browser market.

Despite this success, Baker believes that government, and in the European Commission in particular, has a role to play in further leveling the playing field. As she notes in a recent blog post, government entities would perhaps have less relevance but for the antitrust activity that resulted in Microsoft's dominant market share in the first place:

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3528d ago

We are supporting you Mozilla 100%

Defeat the evil Nazisoft empire

XxZxX3528d ago

but the SS is pretty strong especially in writing blog.

Bladestar3528d ago

I find it interesting that you are calling Microsoft Nazisoft...

You may want to educate yourself a little more about Capitalism and when the gov tries to take control of the private sector.

You see... Hitler and the Nazi did not come from the US or a country founded under the principle of capitalism and free market... it came from Europe where the gov tends to dictate what content people should see and what companies should sell and how they should sell it.

I'm sure you are not from the US.

Mozilla is trying this in Europe because they know int he US all that crap will not fly...

Here.. let me educate you about this issue.

Laws should be the same regardless of who the company is. For example, Apple includes their browser on their OS which is the exact same issue here.

Laws and regulations in Europe are bias and per company basis... there is no consistency.

Now, you may think this is for your benefit because you are an idiot. But this simply means that companies that are not good enough to compete by making a better product or fail to market their products successfully get to hold back the companies that do.. which in terms will end up limiting the consumer and probably costing them more.

Let's use facts... let's talk about the games.. since this is a game site...

Why do you think Europeans have to pay more for game consoles, games, etc than the US or Japan?

Why do you think some games are never released in Europe?

Lord Anubis3528d ago

"Microsoft did not obtain its (Internet Explorer) hegemony solely through competition on the merits of IE. A number of illegal activities were also involved in creating IE's market dominance...The idea that Microsoft is an innocent victim (of European Commission intervention) is deeply flawed."

drewdrakes3528d ago

Not originally, they were better than Netscape.

xabamo3528d ago

right... and we all suffered because we didn't get a choice! /sarcasm

The fact that IE was free forced other browsers to be free as well. Otherwise, we might all get a light version of a browser and had to pay for the premium version ala Netscape Gold.

People have a choice, and FireFox has proven to be a worthy competitor hence the market gain. It's like saying Windows shouldn't come with software Firewall because 3rd parties can't evenly compete in that space. We should also charge Apple for bundling Safari with Mac OSX for the very same reason.

I don't see a problem with FREE and people will switch if they want as in the case with FireFox.

Bnet3433528d ago

I love Firefox better than IE and Safari, but it's funny to see Mozilla think they are big dogs now lol. I mean who the fvck uses Thunderbird? Really? Come on, before Firefox, Mozilla was garbage lol.

FarEastOrient3527d ago

Brrriiiiig It!!!

This is going to be fun to watch, give a second so my popcorn is ready.

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Miraak82 3528d ago

been a foxfire user since 2006 and a happy 1 at that

Foxgod3528d ago

Even tho i am a firefox user, and like it better then IE.
And i am european, i still think this lawsuit is a load of crock, seriously, its their OS, they decide what to package it with.

Are they gonna force Apple to insert non apple software too ?

thehitman3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I agree w/ u ... od....

If they want a level playing field have a Firefox CD packaged in w/ PCs Like all other sofware its MS O/S they can put w/e they want in it. I prefer a default IE explorer than none lol. I can imgaine having to buy a web browser in future if they win this case over MS because they cant package their IE.

Foxgod3528d ago

Lol indeed, all thanks to the smart people standing up for us.........

Would be better if they shut up this time.

BISHOP-BRASIL3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I agree.

You can't blame MS for bundling in more things, althrough it's not "free", their OS is overpriced for those many little costs.

I think you should be able to choose a version you pay less for with some of those features removed and MS should make their code a little more open so everybody could come up with 3rd party compatible solutions (free or not), like if you don't want to use IE you don't have to buy it (obviously this one is more than solved), but it isn't fair to oblige than to make it, it's THEIR product, they have the right to make versions as they feel more confortable in the market.

The problem isn't MS, it's you not having nowhere else to run for. Really, we have basically only 3 mainstrean choices for OS: Windows, Mac and Linux. Being the widespread use of computers one of the (if not "THE") events that most marked the transition of last century to this, 3 is pathetic.

For sure govt. should look close to MS 'cause it's a monopoly, making sure them don't compromise competition, but you can't really charge a monopoly for being a monopoly, you should use other mechanisms like stimulating, by funding, other firms to step up and compete with MS, since competition is good for market/people.

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