NWR: Wii de Asobu Metroid Prime Impressions

NWR writes: "Metroid Prime was one of the biggest video games of 2002. With a daring new first person perspective, incredible graphics, and huge expectations to live up to, Retro Studios' first title was a bold title that was wholly satisfying. Based on my first few hours with this Play it on Wii rerelease, I can confidently say it is the perfect excuse to revisit the original Metroid Prime. And if you've never played it before, this is definitely the version to pick up."

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mastiffchild3530d ago

still no mention of any Hunters style Online MP but as an addict of all things Metroid I'll be picking this up and hoping eventually it comes with Echoes AND the longed for MP element.

Pleeeeeeze Ninty you know it makes sense!

kesvalk3530d ago

i need this game, i hope it gets released in English soom...

as a metroid fanatic (just look at my av...) i am dying to play this game, never had a GC, so i need to compensate the years longing for this game...

ChickeyCantor3530d ago

you are gonna love metroid prime 1.
AWesome game =).

tidycats293530d ago

This game should be on every wii owner's radar

you will love this game i guarantee it

prime 1 was the best gamcube game imo
or 2nd to only resident evil 4