Handheld Shout: DS vs. PSP

A weekly column by Aaron Marsh at Loading Reality. This week, he takes a good look at the +'s and -'s of the two major handhelds that are seniors in their industry.

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GWAVE3553d ago

Both handhelds are awesome, and both are cheap. You can buy both a DS and a PSP for the price of one 360 or one PS3. To me, the PSP has a select few games that I enjoy playing over a long period of time. There is no DS game (or even several DS games combined) that have given me as much playtime as Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on the PSP. Plus, the multimedia functions are neat. DS has a lot more variety, though, and many of the games are not to be missed (Hotel Dusk, Phoenix Wright, Phantom Hourglass, Retro Game Challenge, Contra 4, just to name a few). The aforementioned adventure games (Hotel Dusk, Phoenix Wright, etc) are also a major reason why the DS appeals to a long-time gamer such as myself.

This year is a great year to be a handheld gamer. Tons of games coming out on PSP and DS.

farhsa20083553d ago

this guy is a loser, kill the psp? WTF is he thinking?

The psp is clearly the best handheld, it is superior in every way but one thing the DS has is the games which is really the reason to buy it, make no mistake Sony have some big games coming this year.

CrAzYbRoS3552d ago

The PSP is costing Sony money. It's not selling well, the good games for it are few and far between, and it just isn't as well received as the DS. Many folks already have an iTouch/iPhone or mp3 player, so the need for the extra features the PSP has (wifi, music, video) isn't grabbing people's attention anymore. The PSP has to rely on its games, which at this point and time, just aren't doing it. I have a PSP, but that's because I'm a hardcore gamer who owns everything gaming. It doesn't get the use the DS does, because I once I finish the PSP game of the month, I'm done for a while.

The DS fills a void that everyone can enjoy and isn't super pricey.

wazzim3552d ago

NO. The PSP sells more than the PS3 and Sony make money ou tof the PSP, the PS3 is costing sony money and THAT'S why the PSP didn't get much support till now. The 360 and the PS3 (PSP) aren't as well received as the Wii (DS), that's simple logic because the DS is more casual! BTW 2009 has many good games for the PSP.

Briyen3552d ago

i play the psp way more, my ds still seems new

since i play ff1, ff2, crisiscore, and all the ps1 final fantasies through firm ware

woo on the go ffviii!

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