Screenshots from the Official Heavenly Sword Trailer

Here are some screenshots from the Heavenly Sword Trailer. The shots show motion capture with Andy Serkis and amazing shots of the graphical faces within the game.

The thread for the trailer itself can be found here;

You will also find a wmv version of the video at this source.

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PS360PCROCKS4248d ago

having finally played god of war 1 and 2 this past week I am VERY excited for this game the levels seem like their going to be awesome, everything is all green and their is the big waterfall in the back. I hope the story for this game is as great as it is on God of War, that was the first game I really enjoyed watching the cut-scenes in a game and be genuinely interested in what the story was all about. Hopefully this will fill the void of next gen button mashing mass killing games until Gow of war 3 is out.

techie4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

I think the story of Heavenly Sword may well supass God of War...they have good writers and understand how to write great scripts, and have had live actors (Andy Serkis) to act out the characters to have believable character development and language...I wouldn't worry about the story. It sounds epic.

Also thought I should say. This game has only just entered the Alpha build. So there will be more improvement in graphics etc. to come. I expect that's why it's being delayed - why rush something you've been working on for 4years? Also Lair is coming out in spread em out a bit.

Also on the last shot I posted you can see "kills remaining...251" - so it's going to be epic in action as well!

SimmoUK4248d ago

I can not get over the scale and detail of the levels, the draw distance is second to none and the detail in the enviroments is unheard of. This is a really special game...

specialguest4248d ago

God of War has some serious competition now which is a very good thing.

techie4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

I've heard that the game footage is from November last year...

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