Joyswag: Steet Fighter IV (PS3) & launch party swagbag

Joystiq: We know not all of you could make it out to Capcom's Street Fighter IV launch party, so we snagged some gear for you. Well, for one of you. We did manage to haul in a bag full of stuff that's enough to "electrify" any Street Fighter fan, including a copy of the game for PS3. Interested?

Here's what we're offering up: A copy of Street Fighter IV for PlayStation 3, a Street Fighter IV black t-shirt (size XL) featuring the Hadouken combination, a cloth tote bag marked with the same Hadouken button combo, a Chun Li Street Fighter IV action figure (complete with massive man hands -- sadly, not detachable), a copy of Udon Comics' Street Fighter II #03 (with Special Power Foil Cover #17 featuring E. Honda), a Capcom Fighting Game History fold-out timeline and -- niftiest of all -- the full-size Street Fighter IV training manual with special moves list.

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