WorthPlaying: Retro Game Challenge Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Retro Game Challenge for the NDS is a port of a Japanese game based on the popular show "Game Center CX," a program that has yet to make its way over to U.S. shores, although it's supposedly in the works. On the show, the host, a comedian named Arino, is tasked with taking on various NES titles and finishing them within a 24-hour period. Anyone who was alive during the NES days, or even anyone who has sat down to play a classic NES title or two, will realize that beating some of the ultra-difficult titles within 24 hours is quite a task, and often Arino has a few setbacks during the show, requiring him to call on the help of assistants who've played the title beforehand and are therefore equipped with secrets and tactics to help him overcome the odds."

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