TeamXbox: Skate 2-New DLC Impressions

TeamXbox writes: "One of the best things about owning an Xbox 360 is the ample supply of DLC (downloadable content) that's released for existing games. The process enables publishers to extend a title's longevity beyond the normal shelf life by adding new levels, characters and other in-game data.

Though it only came out a month ago, Electronic Arts' Skate 2 has already had a couple of DLC releases for it: Time is Money (400 MS Points or about $5) unlocks all of the locations, skaters and gear in the main game that would normally be made accessible through successful gameplay, while the Filmer Pack (600 MS Points or about $7.50) provides players with enhancements to the Replay Camera including custom watermarking (onscreen labeling of clips), expanded storage of clips at the Skate 2 website and additional gear for your character to use."

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