Gamertell Review: Star Ocean: Second Evolution for PSP

Gamertell has posted a very positive review of Square Enix's Star Ocean: Second Evolution for PSP.

From the review:

"The stars in the sky beckon once again for a worthy adventurer to delve into its great abyss in Star Ocean: Second Evolution (SOSE) where a young ensign mistaken for a hero of legend and an orphaned girl blessed with the power of healing find themselves bound together in a great excursion filled with discovery and deceit.

This is the second game in the Star Ocean universe following Star Ocean (PS)/Star Ocean: First Departure (Sony PSP) and, unlike its predecessor, players have the option to experience the game through the point of view of two different characters: Claude or Rena. While the overall storyline remains the same for each, whom you choose to experience this adventure with determines which characters you can recruit later on as well as different dialogue during events."

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