appVersity Review & Giveaway: Zombieville USA

appVersity writes: "I've already shown my hand when it comes to Zombies - I love to shoot them. I know that makes me seem a little "sick", but that's just the way it is. I've already spent a lot of money in the app store buying up a lot of games that let me live out this little passion.

But don't think that makes me push over when it comes to zombie games. I've shed my share of tears over games that lured me in with the undead. It's made me tougher to please, and it's made me hate zombies even more.

picture-67That being said, how could I not pick up a game called Zombieville, USA? The answer is I couldn't, obviously. But the better question now is… How do I put it down?! Don't answer, I want to keep playing!"

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